Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections

Harry’s Abbotsford AutoPro offers vehicle inspections. Our technicians are licensed and trained and will explain what is going on with your vehicle and give you a printout detailing any needed repairs. They will then allow you the flexibility to make better informed decisions on your vehicle repairs.

Pre-Sale Inspections

  • This inspection is for owners who are selling their vehicle.
  • Includes 240 point inspection report
  • Includes full website ad for 1 year
  • Conforms to provincial safety requirements
  • Offers the best chance of selling a certified pre-owned vehicle.

Semi-annual Inspections

  • We recommend this vehicle inspection before a road trip or twice a year if you visit a quick lube often.
  • Includes 75 point inspection report
  • Includes tire rotation
  • Includes oil change service if needed. Fluids and filter extra.
  • We are warranty approved.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • This recommend this inspection for people who are purchasing a used vehicle
  • Includes 240 point inspection report
  • Includes full detailed estimate for potential repairs
  • Conforms to provincial safety requirements
  • Offers buyers the best protection when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Out of Province Inspections

From 12900
  • This inspection is for vehicles coming from another province.
  • Includes our Federal Inspection for customers coming from another country.
  • Customers can insure their vehicle directly after a passed inspection.
  • We are an authorized Provincial inspection facility in British Columbia.

Federal RIV Inspections

  • This inspection is mandatory for vehicles 15 years old or newer, and are coming into Canada from another country.
  • We offer both Federal and Provincial inspections.
  • Customers can insure their vehicle directly after a passed Federal and Provincial inspection.
  • We are an authorized Federal inspection facility in Canada.
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