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Inspect that used vehicle BEFORE purchasing. No piece of car buying advice is more often ignored than this: Have Harry’s Abbotsford AutoPro conduct pre-purchase inspections on every used car before you buy it. Why do buyers plunk down thousands of dollars on a car with little more than an around-the-block test-drive and a glance under the hood?

Experts agree that used cars must be inspected before the final negotiation for purchase. The ordinary car buyer, even if mechanically savvy, really can’t do it justice. “A stem-to-stern inspection, if it’s been done right, can tell you if you’re about to buy a great used car or step into a nasty set of problems.”

Detailed List of Services
    Each pre-sale inspections starts with a complete road test of your vehicle. Our licenced technicians will test the vehicle’s performance on the road. We test the following:
    • braking system
    • check for noises over bumps
    • steering & alignment
    • driver controls
    • heat & air-conditioning function
    • seats & seatbelts
    • dash warning lights
    • transmission operation
    • Speedometer Operation
    • Odometer (if equipped) operation
    • VIN number
    • Door panels
    • Rear view mirror
    • Sun visors
    • Horn
    • Signal lamp switch and indicator
    • Hazard lamps
    • Headlamp switch and High beam indicator
    • Auxiliary lamp indicator(s)
    • Instrument panel lamps
    • HVAC
    • Windshield wiper and washer operation
    • Accelerator
    • Service brake pedal
    • Clutch pedal assembly
    • Park brake
    • Neutral safety switch operation
    • Alarm & remote lock operation
    • Windshield
    • Side glass
    • Rear glass
    • Fuel cap
    • General Body Condition
    • Bumpers (Front & Rear)
    • Head lights and lenses
    • Fog lights and lenses
    • Signal lights and lenses
    • Park lights and lenses
    • Tail lights and lenses
    • Reverse lights and lenses
    • Brake lights and lenses
    • Daytime Running Lamps
    • Front brake lining material
    • Front brake rotor or drum thickness
    • Front brake caliper condition
    • Rear Brake lining material
    • Rear brake rotor or drum thickness
    • Rear brake wheel cylinder condition
    • Brake lines and hoses


    • Stabilizer links
    • Stabilizer bushings
    • Control arms and bushings
    • Wheels bearings
    • Ball joints (front and rear)
    • Tie Rod Ends (inner and outer)
    • Pitman arm
    • Idler arm
    • Steering stabilizer/damper
    • Steering shaft assembly
    • Steering Gear
    • Rack and Pinion
    • Power steering system
    • Struts and Shocks
    • Springs
    • PCM codes present
    • PCM (MIL, SES, etc.) lamp fails to illuminate
    • ABS codes present
    • ABS lamp fails to illuminate
    • ABS lamp remains illuminated
    • Brake system warning lamp remains illuminated
    • SRS codes present
    • SRS lamp fails to illuminate
    • SRS lamps remains illuminated
    • Airbag(s) present
    • Airbag cover integrity
    • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
    • Powertrain Warning lamp
    • Other safety systems
    • Air filter
    • Brake fluid condition
    • Power steering fluid condition
    • Spark plug condition
    • Spark plug wires/coil condition
    • Belts and tensioner condition
    • Coolant condition
    • Transmission fluid condition
    • Engine oil condition
    • Hood latch mechanism
    • Battery and charging system condition
    • Starter motor draw/condition
    • Brake master cylinder
    • Clutch master cylinder
    • Fuel System
    • Exhaust manifold(s)
    • Oil leaks
    • Engine and transmission mounts
    • Tire tread measurement
    • Tire sidewall condition
    • Inspect¬†tire separations/defects
    • Tire pressure
    • Inspect wheel nuts and lugs
    • Transmission leaks
    • Engine leaks and mounts
    • Universal joints
    • Propeller shafts
    • Drive axles and boots
    • Differential(s) fluid condition
    • End links and bushings
    • Subframe
    • Floor pan
    • Fuel System
    • Exhaust System

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